Quality Plan – Editor: Dirk Visman

QUALITY IS A STATE OF MIND. It is a concept of continual improvement

Although the concept or idea of QUALITY goes back to the early Masons Lodges and Guilds where membership was only acquired by apprenticeship, Quality achieved international status in 1989 when a Global Approach policy was published.

This was the culmination of work started in the 1970s in the GATT Standards Code and work by the Commission of European Communities to set out ways in which Standards would be set, third parties would test them against those Standards and companies could report accreditation.

The Australian Government set up JAS-ANZ –a Joint Accreditation System that was adopted by New Zealand and established Standards Australia to set Standards for every type of activity and service, from building codes to how you manufacture a spring. Standards issued a “5 Tick” accreditation symbol and granted it to those companies that could be audited to those Standards

Unfortunately in the 1990s many companies incurred considerable costs and did not see any massive sales as a result.

In the concept there has been developed by management writers such as Tom Peters [ A Passion for Excellence ] they offer the finding that Total Quality Management was particular to all well run companies.

These concepts have been adopted by many and have changed the thinking of a corporation, its management and its products and has made them the global leaders of today

It is essential that a plan be written that addresses the need for QUALITY and the need for continuous improvement. This is not ‘motherhood’ but measurable methods of improvement.

The Quality Plan will incorporate:

  • The production flow chart and the operating procedures.
  • The product specification or the service process.
  • Order scheduling, production scheduling, supply chain management, invoicing and track back to customer order.
  • Facilities capacity planning and logistics support.
  • A test, measurement and reporting procedure.
  • Environmental reporting – test and verification.

Quality Plan

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