Strategy Development

To develop a strategic plan look at the following diagrams as a thought provoker:-

  • State clearly what business the company is in:

  • Explain the sustainable competitive advantage that will create the ‘break out‘ to above normal earnings:

  • What is the ‘Vision’
  • what is the ‘Mission’
  • What will be the milestones and actions to achieve this?

Set out the:

Probability of Outcome %










These are ‘dot’ points to help writing these plans

The space provided is only to start the process.

  • Marketing
    • Total market
    • Customer research
    • Price sought
    • Existing competition
    • The relation ship of quality to price
    • Value for money
    • Promotion
    • Advertising & Public Regulations
    • The image you want to create
    • The impact of the regular
    • Understanding the market
    • Product life cycle
  • Quality
    • Quality improvement plan
    • 1S0 9000 or not
    • Measurement
    • Calibration
    • Audit
    • Is there customer focus
  • People
    • Describe the team; in job category, in character type, by training
    • Innovation and ideas “more than your organisation can handle?”
    • Is the team competent to take the idea, the breakout, forward?
    • Out sourcing for specialists, how is innovation stimulated?
    • On-going training and team development, shared values, values, attitudes.
    • Measurement of the people factor
    • Salary, conditions, incentive
    • Communication lines.
  • Risk
    • Finance: Interest rate charge, currency rate charge, fraud.
    • Environment: Pollution to neighbors, offense under common law and/or legislation.
    • Occupational health and safety: is there an effective plan?
    • Technology and obsolescence of your product, changes in regulations
    • Wild card: ransom, earthquake, lightning strike, contingency plans. “what happens if”
    • Mechanical failure: causing fire, insurance, loss of profits.